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Taking Pride in Our Work

With over 38 years of experience, and locations in California, Pennsylvania, and Alabama, Hocking International Laboratories takes great pride in the abilities, professionalism and expertise of it's employees and staff. Our facilities and equipment work in tandem to offer our clients the highest degree of quality products. Our modern production facility has capabilities that routinely surpass industry standards. We offer on-site quality control procedures to ensure exact specifications are met. We boast formulations that universities and independent researchers trust, and are used by chemical companies around the world. Hocking International Laboratories offers the greatest production support that provides regulatory and technical knowledge necessary to distribute and sell products that serve a useful and constructive purposes. We are committed to providing a work environment that empowers our employees, as a result, they take great pride in their work.


  • Starter Fertilizer
  • Foliars & Micros
  • Slow Release Nitrogen
  • Stabilizers & Enhancers
  • Adjuvants / Surfactants
  • Biologicals

Turf & Ornamental

  • Colorant Solutions
  • Water Management
  • Aquatic Solutions
  • Spray Tank Solutions
  • Liquid Nutrients
  • Soluble Fertilizers
  • Biostimulants


  • Automotive Products
  • Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Commercial Kitchen Care
  • Sanitizers and Deodorizers
  • Floor / Carpet Care
  • Warewashing
  • Specialty Products

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